Sr.NCISM Mandatory List
(a)Details of Director or Dean or Principal and Medical Superintendent including their name, age, registration number, qualification, date of joining, complete address with telephone or mobile numbers and State Trunk Dialing code, fax and E-mail etc;
(b)Details of teaching staff along with their photograph, registration number, date of birth, qualification, experience, Department etc;

Details of non-teaching staff of college

Details of hospital staff along with their department;

(d)Details of the sanctioned intake capacity of various courses under graduate as well as post graduates;
(e)List of students admitted, merit-wise, category-wise for the current and previous year;
(f)any research publications during the last one year;
(g)Details of any Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes, conferences and/or any academic activities conducted by the institution;
(h)Details of any awards and achievement received by the students or faculty;
(i)Details of the affiliated University and its Vice-Chancellor and Registrars;
(j)Result of all the examinations of last one year;
(k)Detailed status of recognition of all the courses;
(l)Details of clinical material in the hospital;
(m)The College website shall be linked with the Central Council website, which shall be linked to the Ministry’s website as well; and

The Month-wise analysis of attendance of teaching,

The Month-wise analysis of attendance of non-teaching college staff,

The Month-wise analysis of attendance of hospital staff,

The Month-wise analysis of attendance of students

Details of Patients – Out-Patient Department and In-Patient Department.